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Registration 2023-2024

All students (new/returning) must complete registration each August

Here is the link to complete registration for this upcoming school year.

2023-2024 Secondary Registration Link

Please note that registration must be completed for each child you have enrolled in the secondary program (7th-12th grade). It is vital that we have signatures from both each student as well as you the parent. These signatures cover policies and procedures that are very important to the mission of this school. Most important is that you and your child sign the Acceptable Use Policy which allows your student to use technology in the school. Until we have a registration form on your student we are not allowed to let them use technology in the building.

It is also critical that we have classes organized and any fees paid. **Please note that the Free/Reduced Lunch Application is located within the DaVinci Orientation Presentation. This needs to be completed if you think that you qualify for free/reduced lunch and/or fee waivers. If you have any questions on this application or fees owed please contact the front office (801-409-0720)

As with most technology the program we use to conduct registration (Air Slate) can at times have hiccups with the process. If you find that your form is automatically logged out or you have trouble moving between the steps please let me know asap so we can have our team address those issues. It may require some patience and I thank you in advance as we try to get all of our students registered over the next few days. 

Again thank you for choosing to have your student attend DaVinci Academy for this school year. We are looking forward to an amazing school year. 


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Registration Paperwork in PowerPoint