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Attendance Policy

Attendance Questions?? Please Call (801) 409-0720 (Main Office) or (801) 409-0738 (Mrs. Cash)

Consistent attendance is important to a student’s educational success. Parents, if you have any questions or want to know if your child has any attendance credit loss, please call the number above. STUDENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE THEIR PHYSICAL DIPLOMA UNTIL ALL ATTENDANCE CREDIT LOSS IS MADE UP. If your student is absent, please call the school and excuse them. When you call, state your child’s name, grade, reason for absence, date of absence and time involved along with any doctor’s note etc. A 24-hour voice-mail line (801-409-0720) is available to parents for the purpose of excusing student absences. Special arrangements need to be made in the case of prolonged or prearranged absences. A doctor’s statement must be provided if a student misses four consecutive days of school due to illness or any other type of dismissal along those lines; otherwise, the missed days will count against attendance credit. DaVinci Academy is also a closed campus unless paperwork is filled out to leave for lunch (applies only to 10th-12th grade).

Attendance Policy:

• Absence: A student will be marked absent from class when not in attendance. Five or more absences in any class during any quarter will result in a U for a citizenship grade. Please look on your student’s transcript to see what U’s he or she has to make up. Allowances may be made for prearranged absences. Students experiencing long-term illness under certain circumstances or absences beyond student/family control.

• Truancy: A truancy is an unexcused absence without parent or teacher/administrative permission. Unexcused absences become truancies. Hall pass infractions, catching students sloughing, leaving school without permission, not checking out appropriately or not checking in when late are all considered truancies. A truancy during any quarter will result in a U for citizenship in the class effected.
• Tardies: Students tardy five or more times in any class during any quarter will result in a U which also means a loss of attendance that needs to be made up. This can include excused tardies which are typical during the 1st class of each day. Please get your student(s) here on time!

Pre-Arranged Absences

If parents request to have their student excused from school for reasons other than illness or family emergencies, arrangements must be made in advance. Please let the front office and teachers be made aware of the situation so an adequate plan can be in place to keep the student current in their studies. 

School Excused Absence

School activities that require students to be absent from class will be school excused. The front office will be made aware and no truancy will be made.

Student Check-In

Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to any class must check at the front office. Students arriving less than 10 minutes late to any class should go directly to class.

Student Check-Out

Any time a student needs to leave school before the end of the school day, he/she must check out at the Front Office. The school is required by law to have a responsible person approve student check out which we keep record of.
• Students who leave campus without proper check-out will be given a U.
• Students who are ill will be sent to the front office and parents will be made aware.

Attendance Credit Make-Up

  • All attendance credit make-up must be pre-approved by Mr. Post or Mrs. Cash.
  • Each U a student has is two hours of community service or 10 dollars to be paid at the front office for the first U.
  • First U is $10 to make up, second is $20, third is $30, and so on is $30 or community service.

Community Service Options

— Work for a nonprofit, community-based organization (have options on the website (here).
— Students may not receive pay or any other benefit for hours worked. 
— Students may not work for their employer or a relative. 
— Hours worked must be documented by date and signed by supervisor. 

Attendance Incentive

Students who have zero absences or tardies for two weeks straight get a U taken off their transcript. To start this incentive, please contact Mr. Post or Mrs. Cash before starting.