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Their are multiple resources for ACT test prep, both free and paid options.





Grade: 11-12 
Date: February, April, June, September, October, December 
Approximate cost:  ACT (no writing) $34.00, ACT Plus Writing $49.50

Description: This test is required for admission to most Utah colleges and universities. The ACT assists 11th and 12th grade students in the transition from high school to post-secondary education by providing information that can be used for admission, scholarships, course placement, advising and planning. The ACT may be taken multiple times. The highest composite score will be accepted by any college, regardless of date sequence.

Students will receive twelve scores on the ACT Assessment - four test scores, seven sub-scores and a composite score in the following areas:

English (Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills) 
Mathematics (Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra/Coordinate Geometry, and Plane Geometry/Trigonometry) 
Reading (Social Studies/Sciences; Arts/Literature) 
Science Reasoning (Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics)


SAT and SAT Subject Tests - The SAT is a similar college-entry test to the ACT.  It is frequently required by private colleges, and many state colleges on the east and west coasts.  It is not offered at Davis School District high schools, but may be taken at Weber State University after registering online.  SAT Subject tests are required for some colleges in specific subjects, and are frequently used for placement at the college level.


Grade: 10-11-12 
Date: Two weeks in May 
Approximate cost: $91.00

Description: Three hour exams with multiple-choice questions and free response questions which requires essay writing, problem solving and other academic skills. Up to 8 semester hours of college credit may be given with a score of 3 or above on the AP exam.

Advanced Placement Examinations are given at the end of the academic year after completion of course work.

More information regarding 
AP Classes

End of Level Testing-  SAGE